Pensacola Beach Condos – 5 Tips To Help You Decide


Pensacola Beach CondosAre you planning a trip to Pensacola but have never been there?

Having trouble deciding which rental company to choose when it comes to a Pensacola Beach Condo?

You aren’t alone.  

There are many Pensacola Vacation Rental companies to choose from, after all, Pensacola Beach is at the top of the list for many vacationers.  

While there are many different reasons why you may want to choose one over another, we’ve compiled 5 of the top reasons that could make or break your decision.

Available Parking

This is probably not one that you have thought of, but it is one that you must give heavy consideration.  If you are traveling by car or will be renting a car once you land, it would be nice to know whether you have available parking at your condo rental.

While street parking may be offered, when you are paying for a condo rental it would be nice if they offered you parking as well.  If you stayed in a hotel, they wouldn’t tell you to park on the street, now would they?

If at all possible, ask the condo rental company what kind of parking is available and if they offer more than one parking stall, as you may have more drivers in your party.


This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is one that you really need to keep in mind.  Oftentimes, some companies will have you speaking to one person on the phone, booking with another and having yet another call you to confirm.

This doesn’t sound like a problem on the surface, as it just means that there are more people available to you, but it can become a BIG problem, especially if there are any issues with your reservation.

We are not saying that there will be, but having one person as the point of contact, or at least knowing that there is one person available at the company that knows about your entire reservation will help make things easier should a problem arise.

You can also test the waters at this point.  What we mean by this is if you are finding that in the back and forth phone calls and emails, that communication is an issue then you may want to keep that in mind.  It may be a warning sign of things to come as you move forward with the reservation.

Available Supplies

You will basically be moving into someone’s home for the duration of your vacation.  While it is one part hotel or rental, it is another part home living.  The condo rental will differ greatly from your average hotel stay and with that there are some things to think about.

One of these things are the supplies that will be available to you.  Anyone who has moved into a new apartment or home knows that you need things like towels, toilet paper and soap.  While you would think that the condo rental would already have these things, be sure to ask.

Most will provide you with such things, but don’t wait until you actually get there to find out.  Some supplies will be provided in limited supply so be sure to bring extra with you if you plan on using more.

Lockout Policy

This may not be something that you have thought to ask about, but it is definitely one that you need to, especially if you are prone to forgetting things.  

When it comes to the keys for your Pensacola Beach Condo Rental, it could end up costing you quite a bit extra if you forget them in the unit and need to have the rental company let you in.

Some places will charge a fee to let you in, while others may have you calling a locksmith each time you are locked out.  Regardless of which one needs to happen, we think you can agree that it can end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Find out what the lockout policy is and what fees you will incur.  It’s better to find out upfront so that you can plan ahead should this happen.  

Some rental companies will be gracious enough to let you back in at no charge during daylight hours.  

Personal Greeting

This is one that we find is a personal preference, but more than likely you will want to have it.  

Who doesn’t like to be personally greeted?

While this may not necessarily be a deal breaker for you, it is one that can save you tons of time in the long run.

When you have a rental company that will personally greet you at your rental unit, what you are getting is someone that isBeach Condos in Pensacola saving you tons of wasted time.  Here are a few ways they can save you money, time and stress:

  • Ensure that you are at the correct unit
  • Show you where you are to park during your stay
  • Show you which keys to use on which doors
  • Ensure that you know how to use the various appliances
  • Show you where the supplies and other items are

Can you see how silly it may sound, but how it can truly save you wasted time?

What you will also find with a personal greeting is a name you can put with a face.  When you call the company with any questions that you may have, you can now reference someone and ask for them by name.

As you can see, while the 5 things mentioned above may sound minor on the surface, it can save you a ton of wasted time, wasted money and added stress.

For instance, if you are parked in the wrong location or in the wrong stall and get towed, that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

If you get locked out a few times and need to call a locksmith, you are looking at potentially several hundred dollars as well.

If you are keeping track, that’s a LOT of money wasted that could have been saved had someone met you personally to let you in, showed you where to park and let you know about their gracious lockout policies.

Here’s the thing, at Surfside Properties that is what we do.

We personally meet you at the condo rental, we’ll ensure that you are all set up and ready to go before we leave and want to make sure that you are completely comfortable with everything before you start your vacation.

We’ve also got an extremely gracious lockout policy!

When you decide to choose another Pensacola Beach Condo Rental company we can’t tell you what you will be getting.  We don’t know what they decide to do and what they decide not to do.

What we have realized though, is that a personal touch is missing when it comes to rentals and it is something that we pride ourselves on.

In fact, it is one of the things that we base our business on.  We want to ensure that you are well taken care of on this vacation or getaway, and it all starts with a personal touch and greeting from us at Surfside Properties.

Here’s what you can come to expect when you rent your condo with us:


  • Honesty – It may sound like a cliché, but we value honesty above all else.  We want you to know that what we say we are giving you is what you are getting.  If something comes up, we won’t delay, we will tell you about it right away and let you know what we plan on doing.
  • Personal Communication – You won’t be left wondering what is going on with your rental.  We will ensure that we are communicating with you so that you know what is going on at all times.  Should you have a question or concern, we encourage you to call us so we can answer it right away.

  • Getting What You Signed Up For – We know that this is a special time for you.  It always is when you take some time off.  We want to ensure that you aren’t caught off guard by anything.  We promise that what you think you are signing up for and renting is EXACTLY what you are getting.

Surfside Properties is unlike many other beach front property rental companies.  

We could tell you all about the great things that we pride ourselves on, what we enjoy most about what we do and just how much we treasure the friendships we have made with our clients, but instead of talking, we’ll just let them tell you.

Here’s a few of their kind words:

“Beautiful spacious but most importantly what they say they offer they actually offer.  Very clean, and homie they even left us cookies. I would definitely recommend this resort and hope to go back someday.” – Graciela
“Surfside Properties is an excellent business to work with.  Steve spent a lot of extra time trying to make our situation work out for an extended rental and he was successful.  He is a great guy and I give him a lot of credit for how pleasant our stay was at Baywatch.  Don’t hesitate to do business with Surfside.” – Al

If you decide to choose Surfside Properties, we promise to do our very best to get you what you want and need.

Whether you are looking for something spacious like Graciela or a space to stay a while like Al, we will do our very best to meet your needs.

If you are ready to book your rental, please contact us today.  

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the Pensacola Beach Rental you have been looking for.

Call us today at 1-877-277-6875 to get started.