Pensacola Beach Rentals – How Do You Choose?


Pensacola Beach RentalsAre you neglecting the MOST important part of your vacation planning?

You already know you want to make Pensacola Beach your vacation destination.  

Why wouldn’t you?

It is a beautiful location after all.

However, before you start packing your bags and ensuring that you have your sunscreen packed, there is one more thing you need to consider – your accommodations.

Sure, you could choose any place to stay, right?  

You’ve heard it before, it’s more about where you are and who you are with, right?

Yes, these things are true, but if you choose the wrong place to stay then this could turn ugly rather quickly.  Which is where we come in.

Here at Surfside Properties we not only ensure that you get the type of beach rental you need, but we’ll also make sure that you get the one you want as well.

We’ll talk more about that later, but for now we want to help you in that decision-making process so you that your choice in a Pensacola vacation rental, will be the best one possible.

There are a few things you will need to keep in mind as you begin your “shopping.”

Things like…

Does The Pensacola Beach Rental Stock The Location?

Does this sound silly to you?

Go on, be honest here.  We are sure that on some level it may, however it won’t be when you realize that the property you rented doesn’t stock toilet paper and that you must find the nearest store to pick some up.

Or picture this – Imagine just flying in and wanting to take a nice hot bath only to find that there aren’t any towels, or using the restroom and finding that there isn’t toilet paper on the dispenser.

This really isn’t a problem when you are staying in a hotel, but you won’t be staying in one.  You’ll be staying in a beach rental where you will be at the mercy of the rental company.

Oh yeah, just a reminder – Surfside Properties is ALWAYS available to answer your questions when you have them.  Sorry for the shameless plug, but thought we’d let you know.

So, back to the question of a stocked location.

Look, we know that sounds like a silly question but you’ll never know unless you ask or until you are rummaging through the cabinets trying to find more toilet paper or towels.

While you can expect that most places would stock you up, the other question comes up of whether or not you have to pay extra for other things like soap, detergent or other necessities.

Again, not something you may have thought of, but perhaps something you should keep in mind.

To answer the question earlier – Surfside Properties will stock the rental so that your only concern will be which towel you want to use.

Beach rentals in PensacolaWill the Pensacola Beach Rental Offer All The Comforts Of Home?

That’s why many often opt to choose a rental property as opposed to staying in a hotel or motel.

When it comes to a vacation, there are many that realize staying in a hotel is not what they want to do.  

When you go on vacation you want to be comfortable and sometimes that requirement leaves you wanting the comforts of home.

Just ask around and you are sure to hear some beach rental horror stories from friends and family who THOUGHT they were getting a dream rental and got the total opposite.

There are stories of individuals receiving a photo of a beautiful beachfront property only to find that once they opened the doors they were in for much worse.

Sure, you want something that looks great on the outside, but you also want something that looks great on the inside as well.

This inside requirement is something that we take very seriously.  When you book with Surfside Rentals, you’ll get all the comforts that you would normally find at home.  All of our rentals offer you:

  • A full kitchen
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Cable Television
  • Spacious areas
  • And much more

We understand that you are choosing a rental property over a hotel and want to ensure that you are getting all that you are signing up for.

Asking about things that normally get taken for granted such as Wi-Fi needs to be brought up, especially if you will need it while you are away.  We offer it as complimentary service as part of your rental package, but again there may be other rentals that will charge you for it.

It’s much better for you to ask up front so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Other Important Considerations

When it comes to making your decision on where to stay, there are a few minor and not so minor things that you may also want to keep in mind, such as…

Lock Outs

When it’s your own home you remember your keys.  When you are staying at a hotel or rental property it’s very easy to forget your keys and lock yourself out.

Some locations will charge you a fee to let you back in.

During daylight hours, Surfside Properties will let you in free of charge.  

We understand that you may lock yourself out so we’ll do our best to help you out.  You’ll only need to call a locksmith if it’s late at night, otherwise we will be glad to let you back in during the earlier hours.

Check In

Some places ask that you pick up the keys at their office and leave you to figure things out.

At Surfside Properties, we will meet you there and meet you face to face to ensure that you are comfortable and set up from the start.  

We will also answer any questions that you may have at that point and won’t leave until you are comfortably settled in.

Property Cleanliness

It would serve you well to consider what others have thought of the rental properties you will be considering.  Cleanliness of a property should be at the top of your list when it comes to making your selection.

Cleanliness is one of our top priorities, so you can be sure that Surfside Properties will meet all of your expectations when it comes to a clean-living area.

When it comes down to it, the three major areas that need your consideration are:

  1. Cleanliness of the location
  2. That you are getting what the location says you are getting
  3. Open communication with the rental company

At Surfside Properties that is exactly what we focus on, here’s what some of our satisfied customers have said:

“Wanted to take a moment to thank you and to review the property. The condo was absolutely awesome.  Beautifully decorated and very clean.  The beds were so comfortable.  I have stayed in a lot of condos and they may look nice but often the mattresses and furniture are old and very uncomfortable.  My husband has back problems so this is a big deal.  His back was great after two nights on this mattress.  The property was clean and was in a convenient and beautiful location.  Service was amazing!  I have never been met with the key or given delicious cookies the day of check out.  I can’t say enough good things about this unit.  I was so pleased! We had a great time and so enjoyed being in such a comfortable unit. Thank you so much. I will definitely contact you for future rentals.” – Carolyn Worley


“Thoroughly enjoyed my stay this past weekend at Baywatch Condos on Ft. Pickens Road in Pensacola Beach. Loved the close proximity to the bay and the beach! Also, Steve was a pleasure – he is VERY quick in replying to your requests and is very professional. Upon arrival he was there right away to greet us and offered beach activity recommendations. I would highly recommend using Surfside Properties!” – Holly M.


The location you choose is of the utmost importance.

The people you decide to go on vacation with are an extremely important part.

However, if you choose the wrong rental company then this could get ugly, very quickly.

At Surfside Properties, we want to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, which is why we will do our very best to meet your needs.

We will ensure that we answer any of your questions and provide the kind of service you can expect from some of the top hotels such as maid service.

While we can’t provide you 24-hour maid service, we still can offer you such a service daily at an additional fee.

Pensacola Beach is a great location and we are glad that you are choosing to stay here on your next vacation getaway.

With that said, we want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and that comes with a more personal touch.

That is why we are in business and what we hope to provide for you – A personal touch.

You won’t be left wondering who to call if you have a question, you won’t be left with picking up keys from someone you barely know and won’t be left with a beach rental that you aren’t happy with.

Whether you are looking for a Pensacola Beach Condo Rental or Pensacola Beach Vacation Rental, we will ensure that your stay will be one that you will be telling your friends and family about for years to come.

To learn more about the properties we have available here at Surfside Properties just click here now.

Big party or small, we’ve got it all and can provide you with just the right sized vacation rental.

We guarantee that you’ll be happy with your rental, and if you aren’t then we’ll do everything within our power so that you are.

Click Here now to see what rentals are available or just get in touch with us so we can get the process started.

Remember, choosing the wrong Pensacola Beach Rental could make or break that dream getaway.

Contact Us today at Surfside Properties and we’ll help you to make that dream come true.