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Can we tell you a story?

It’s one that we think you will WANT to hear and one that we know you will NEED to hear.

It’s about a guy we’ll call Jim.

You see Jim had been planning his family’s vacation for months.  It was going to be a surprise and he had everything planned and set from the start.  

Being from the Midwest, he knew his family would appreciate someplace warm, someplace that they could relax near the ocean and someplace where they would make memories for years to come.

The flights were arranged, the car rental was put in and he was already picking out the new swim shorts he planned on using that first day that they would land.

Their destination was Pensacola Beach.  

He had selected it because once while he watched television with his family, it was profiled on a show as one of the top beaches to visit.

He saw the smiles on their faces, listened to all the raving comments they made about the water and deep down inside knew that was where they were headed on their next vacation.

When the time rolled around for the annual vacation planning they discussed where they were going, Jim smiled as he yelled excitedly “We’re going to Pensacola Beach!”

This was going to be THE dream vacation.

Jim knew he had one more thing to do – book the hotel.

He wanted to make this THE best vacation and thought it would be much better if they rented a condo or beach house.  

As would anyone, Jim started to search the internet for Pensacola Beach House Rentals.  

He didn’t have time to check them all out, so he just randomly chose one.  

He should have known something was amiss because they hadn’t even answered the phone or his emails after he booked it on their website online.  

When the big day came, Jim found out the ONE thing that can absolutely ruin a vacation – the place you will be staying.

No one met them at the property, they ended up parking in the wrong stall and got towed, and to make matters worse they found that they didn’t have enough towels for everyone in the family.

This is just a story.

However, if you aren’t careful it could be YOUR story.

The one mistake that Jim made in his search for Pensacola Beach House Rentals was this – He didn’t do the research.

Had he done his research he would have found out that the very same issues he was having was the same ones that past clients had as well.

The lack of communication from the rental company caused a string of problems that made their dream vacation one that they would have liked to forget.

Pensacola_house_beach_rentalsSo, what could Jim have done?

For starters he could have read what you are reading right now.  

Here are three ways to ensure that your Pensacola Beach House Rental is truly one that will help build memories that last a lifetime.

#1 – Do Your Research

When you decided to go on vacation to Pensacola, there were probably several things that you began doing.

Things such as doing some research to see what kind of restaurants were in the area, what shopping centers were nearby or even what the weather would be like when you planned on heading down there.

Your research really shouldn’t stop at these kinds of things.  You should be doing research on the places you are considering on staying.

When you search online for Pensacola Beach Vacation Rentals, be sure to see what people are saying who have ACTUALLY stayed at these locations.

Your first stop will be to check out the rental company’s website.  See what reviews they have listed to get a feel for what past clients have said.  

While it would be nice to see all glowing reviews, what you want are honest ones, so pay close attention to the ones listed who tell the whole story.

These are the kind of reviews that really tell you a lot about the company, as they are willing to list everything that clients say and not just the positive comments.

Your next stop after this should be to check out their social media accounts such as Facebook and Google Plus.  As individuals who post there will need to have their own accounts, you can be sure that these will be honest reviews and not ones posted by the owner.

You can also check out other online review sites to see what past clients have said about staying and renting with the company you have in mind.

# 2 – Give Them A Call

If you really want to get a feel for them, just give them a call or send them an email.

The response or lack thereof should tell you a lot about the company.  If you need to keep calling or keep emailing to get someone to answer your questions, then this may be enough of a warning sign for you to move on to another rental company.

Another thing you will want to keep note of is how they treat you when you do get a hold of them.  

Think about these types of things:

  • Do they answer the phone professionally with the name of the company or just pick up with a “Yeah, what do you want?”
  • Are they polite and helpful on the phone or do they treat you as if you are a bother?
  • Are they able to answer your questions or do some of their responses automatically concern you with their answers?

These are just some questions to help you get started with the process, but be sure to think of some that you want to keep in mind as well.

We are sure that you probably already have your own list that you want to refer to.

Give them a call or send them an email to get a better feel for what you are getting yourself into.

#3 – Available And Clearly Spelled Out Policies

Have you ever moved out of a house or apartment and found that you lost your entire deposit because of hidden charges?

This is one of those things that no one likes to deal with, but the realities are that there may be things you will be charged for without you even knowing it.

This can easily be handled by getting a hold of the company’s rental policies.  You should be able to find one on their website, and if it is not clearly spelled out then you may need to ask them for it up front.

You’ll be much better off if you know upfront what will and will not be charged.

For example, if you will have a service animal with you or if a big part of your family that regularly travels with you is your cat or dog, then you will want to know whether or not these locations are pet friendly.

You don’t want someone telling you “Oh it should be okay,” then finding out that they hit you with a cleaning fee because of some fur on the floor.  

While some people may see a long list of rental policies as a turn off, we see it a different way.

It’s called honesty.  

The rental company is telling you what their policies are, what they provide you and what they will charge you for.

Personally, you should probably steer clear of anyone who won’t tell you upfront what you may or may not be charged for.

Here at Surfside Properties, we not only encourage you to hear what all our past clients are saying about us, but we’ll let you hear EVERYTHING they have to say.

We believe in open and honest communication and we won’t hold back when it comes to our business and our reputation.

We consider ourselves one of the top choices, if not THE top, when it comes to Pensacola Beach House Rentals and really, Pensacola Vacation Rentals as a whole.

When you decide to make Surfside Properties your choice when it comes to Pensacola Beach House Rentals we guarantee you peace of mind because…

  1. We will ALWAYS treat you with honesty and respect
  2. We will be available to answer all your questions and provide you with help if a problem arises
  3. We will personally greet you at the rental to ensure that you start your vacation off right

Just listen to what Carolyn had to say about her experience:

“Wanted to take a moment to thank you and to review the property.  The condo was absolutely awesome.  Beautifully decorated and very clean.  The beds were so comfortable.  I have stayed in a lot of condos and they may look nice but often the mattresses and furniture are old and very uncomfortable.  My husband has back problems so this is a big deal.  His back was great after two nights on this mattress.  The property was clean and was in a convenient and beautiful location.  Service was amazing!  I have never been met with the key or given delicious cookies the day of check out.  I can’t say enough good things about this unit.  I was so pleased!  We had a great time and so enjoyed being in such a comfortable unit. Thank you so much. I will definitely contact you for future rentals.” – Carolyn Worley


We understand that there are other Pensacola Beach House Rentals that you can choose from, but we wanted to show you what you will be getting when you decide to choose us.

Here at Surfside Properties we can provide you with a small location if it will just be you and one other guest, or a larger one if you plan on bringing along more friends and family.

There isn’t much left for you to do other than to decide, and we hope that we have given you enough information to make a well informed decision.

If you have any further questions, we’d love to answer them for you and honestly, to get to know you better, whether or not you decide to rent from us or not.

Pensacola is a great place to visit and we’d love to share with you some of the places that we personally enjoy.

Just Click Here now to get started or give us a call at 1-877-277-6875.

We look forward to hearing from you!