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Are you looking to get out of the winter weather? The Pensacola Beach Florida is the perfect Snowbird destination.

Emerald green water and powdery white sand matched with mild winter weather make the Florida Panhandle the location that many snowbirds choose for their winter get-a-way. Northern US residents and Canadians have been staying in Pensacola Beach for many years. We have friends that come back every year to enjoy, not only the temperatures, but all of the activities our area has to offer.

Imagine, looking out the window on a dark winter day, with the rain coming down and a chill in the air, it’s easy to understand why people get the winter blues. The cold winds of winter can chill a person all the way to the bones causing aches and pains that had been forgotten since last year. No matter how brightly you decorate your home, all the color and style in the world won’t hold the wintertime depression at bay for long. The best thing you can do for your mind, body, and soul, is to head south to a warm, sunny climate like Pensacola Beach, Florida. Here’s what you might experience when you arrive at the white sandy beaches of Surfside Properties to visit one of our cute bungalows right on the beach.

Warm Ocean Breezes So Allergy Suffering Snowbirds Can Rejoice.

In many of the northern climates, the springtime has a highly concentrated level of pollen since all of the plants need to pollinate or fertilize, their seeds quickly in just a few months in order to survive and continue as a viable species. In the fall and winter periods, people that suffer from allergies are still not off the hook, since mold spores from the rotting vegetation throughout wooded areas is heavy with mold spores. In fact, due to condensation, many window sills in a home will have actively growing mildew emitting mold spores from every corner of every room.

On the other hand, a warm sea breeze off the ocean will have almost no pollen at all since it has traveled many hundreds of miles over the open ocean. The same goes for mold spores since they settle out in just a few hundred feet from where they are produced. Add to that, the fine salt mist from the waves crashing on the beach and you have the perfect solution, ordered by doctors worldwide, for combating allergies. A morning swim in the ocean will also remove any pollen or spores from your entire body healthily, safely and refreshingly.

Exposure To Natural Sunlight Fights Many Afflictions

In the cold northern climates, there are actually several reasons why people don’t get enough sunlight. In the first place, the days are incredibly short, it’s dark when you leave for work in the morning and dark when you get home. Plus, when you’re outside, you have to bundle up against cold, wind, and rain. There’s barely six inches of your face showing and it’s cold too.

Hit the beach in warm, refreshingly sunny, Pensacola Beach, Florida and you’ll immediately feel the difference. The natural vitamin D created by your own body will begin to flow in just a few minutes of sun exposure. This wonderful vitamin helps cure or prevent such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, a who doesn’t feel better after soaking in the sun, bathing in the warm ocean waves, and listening to the waves crashing on the shore?

If you are ready to throw away your snow shovel, ice scraper, and huge winter coats. Or if you’re sitting in the dark at 2 PM in the afternoon because of the heavy clouds and rain; do an image search for Pensacola Beach, Florida and gaze at the beautiful sunny pictures taken there. Then take a look at to see how you can become a regular Snowbird and never experience the winter blues again. Book your Winter Vacation in Florida today by clicking here.

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