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Steve Picker

Thank you for considering Surfside Properties to manage your beach vacation home.I started Surfside Properties because I wanted to provide more personal service to owners and renters. I had three key priorities that I founded the company on.

  • Open communication with owners
  • Open communications with renters
  • Cleanliness

We meet every guest at the door to explain the amenities of the property and tell them about Pensacola Beach. It also allows us to know exactly who is checking in, just in case they forgot to mention that they were bringing 10 friends with them.

We also require each renter to purchase a damage waiver. If something gets broken, the waiver will cover up to $1,500 so that the renter does not need to hide it and the owner does not need to pay for it. At the end of the stay, we deliver chocolate chip cookies and a handwritten thank you note. I hope this encourages them to stay with us again.

For owners, we offer an online portal that allows you to see exactly when your unit is rented, your monthly statements and allows you to reserve your property for the times when you want to visit Pensacola Beach. Basically, my goal is to manage your unit as if it is mine, making you a good return on your investment and allowing you to forget all of the worries so that the only thing you need to do is deposit your check monthly. We offer Electronic Funds Transfer so that the money is automatically put into your account if you prefer this method.

Cleanliness is extremely important to me as this is the guest’s first impression of Surfside Properties and of your condominium. Therefore, we focus on making sure your place looks great. I would love to visit with you more about managing your property. I can provide a copy of the owner’s handbook, management agreement and a list of references.

Please contact me at (877) 277-6875 or you can email us via the contact us page.

Thank you,
Steve Picker

Owner’s Testimonials

Megan M. | Santa Rosa Towers 404 & 903

Our family switched to Surfside Properties a few years ago, and we have been very pleased with their management of our condos. The team at Surfside has always been responsive, efficient, and understanding. Whether it's a quick question or a big ask, they always provide assistance or a helpful answer. Our condos hold significant sentimental value to our family - and we are comforted to know that we can rely on an excellent management company to keep them rented and respected.

Bob & Jeanne C. | Palm Beach Club 107

We highly recommend Surfside Properties. Steve, Lori and their team are very knowledgeable and experienced. The housekeeping staff is excellent. As out -of-state owners we sleep soundly knowing our property is in great hands. We really love the personal touch they give our guests. We are blessed to have Surfside as our management company! It’s the best on the island.

Jeff and Sheridan C. | Baywatch C-4

We have been renters through Surfside Properties for many years. When we decided to buy a condo in Baywatch, there was no doubt who we wanted to use to rent our unit. Steve Picker and his team are such a great team. Their hands on approach makes us feel like we are their only client. They are very quick in responses to any needs, problems, or questions we may have. They treat our unit as if it were their own. We live 450 miles away, so they are our eyes and hands on the property. We are happy with the fee structure and the communication is second to no one. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top notch service for their investment

Al and Connie C. | Villas on the Gulf L4

We own Unit L4 at Villas on the Gulf, and we live in Missouri. Although we rented our condo out, we were always looking for a company that would meet our needs in renting our condo.

Eleven years ago, we were approached by a fellow Missourian who was moving to Pensacola Beach and starting such a company. We liked the personable touch of this company and decided to sign with Surfside Properties.

Yes, we went through growing pains with them as they started out. However, it has been worth it to us. We have been very pleased with Surfside. They work very hard at renting our condo, which we appreciate. Both Steve, the owner, and Lori, the assistant, are available to either us or the renter if a problem arises or if it's simply a question. It is important to them and us that the renters have an enjoyable stay.

The condo in always very clean when the next renter checks in, and Steve even leaves yummy cookies for the guests. He still runs a very personable company, even though it has grown quite a bit in the last eleven years.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with Surfside Properties, and we hope all visitors are also. They work hard to make your vacation a happy memory!

Chris G., Baywatch E-10
Bunny Sue M., Baywatch B-8

Mike & Tracy M. | Emerald Dolphin 850

I feel good knowing that Steve is looking after our property. He has delivered on every promise. Our booking income has gone up since we moved to Surfside Properties but I also know that Steve and his team are taking care of my unit like it is their own. The personal attention we get at Surfside Properties is unlike anything I have experienced since owning property on Pensacola Beach.

Craig & Lora C. | San Deluna 11

Steve Picker and Surfside Properties have been managing our property almost since we purchased it. Steve manages it with our best interest in mind, always providing several possible solutions to a problem before bringing it to us. Steve and his company provide peace of mind to owners living 1,500 miles away.

Kristy H. | Starboard Village 421

We signed with Surfside Properties a little over a year ago. We had several friends on Pensacola Beach recommend Steve. Our family has a property management company in Fort Morgan, AL, so I knew exactly what I was looking for. Steve has exceeded my expectations. He is great to work with and will not nickel and dime you for every little thing (as the larger companies do). He truly cares about the property, owner, and guest. He has kept our unit rented consistently, and not complained when we block it out for our personal enjoyment. We could not be happier.

Margaret T. | Tristan Towers 3B

When I purchased my condo in 2017, I met with the management companies at Pensacola Beach to decide which company was the one I could see serving guests and owners best. I wanted someone who wasn’t renting my property just to rent it, but someone who rented it like the property belonged to them. When I spoke with Steve, I knew he was the right person to manage my property. My initial assessment of him, personally as well as professionally , proved to be correct. He is always accessible, so responsive and has a pleasing personality. He manages my property like it is his, making sure everything is clean and working well. What that has meant to me is that I don’t have to worry about anything. He contacts me as needed. I did have an AC repair emerge, and he quickly resolved that problem and negotiated a very reasonable repair cost with a local company. He knows who to call in an emergency. His cleaning and maintenance teams are awesome and so responsive. I am very happy with Surfside Properties and have comfort in knowing that I can always chat with Steve when I have a question and that he will take care of everything condo related for me.

Dick and Linda G. | San De Luna #8

When I purchased my condo in 2017, I met with the management companies at Pensacola Beach to decide which company was the one I could see serving guests and owners best. I wanted someone who wasn’t renting my property just to rent it, but someone who rented it like the property belonged to them.

Steve Picker has certainly fulfilled the three priorities he established for his company. Surfside’s communication with us has been outstanding. Based upon feedback we have received, that also holds true for our renters. Surfside's commitment to providing a clean, well presented unit to renters is much appreciated. Our townhouse has been carefully maintained while we were away and extremely clean when we returned at the end of our rental season. This is very important to us, as we spend as much time there as we can.

We have and will continue to recommend Surfside to our neighbors. We appreciate their honesty, attention to detail, and responsiveness. Their commitment to providing a personal touch to the rental experience has resulted in the renters wishing to return again.

Having Surfside as our agent has proven to be a positive experience for us as owners, as well as for those who have rented.

Judy and Eddie U. | Emerald Dolphin 1330

We love Surfside Properties and Steve Picker has been amazing to work with. The minute we signed on with their management service, we have had quality rentals for our condo. Steve handles everything without drama or a multitude of phone calls. He has a dependable and professional staff that goes above and beyond, to insure everything is taken care of and well maintained. Living in town, we like to use the condo as well. Steve is very helpful when blocking out owner dates for our family, as well as ourselves. I don’t think you will find a better agent for your property.

Cassie B |Tristan Towers 12F

I also had dreamed of a beachfront home for at least 20 years. That dream would have never happened for me without Steve and Surfside Properties. Steve was a friend from our hometown and we finally found our paradise in Pensacola Beach. We would have never purchased a property without knowing Steve was available to manage it. We could only visit Pensacola Beach a few times a year and knew that our property would always be taken care of in our absence.

We have rave reviews from all our renters on cleanliness, responsiveness to any repairs that are necessary and everything that is required to make the perfect vacation for our guests.

We also feel upon our return to our property we are welcomed back as family and Surfside Properties has maintained our property just as if they owned it.

Rhian B. | Baywatch D12

Surfside Properties management company has been a must for us as owners of D12 Baywatch unit.

Having tried a few other management companies over the past years, we are very happy with Steve’s team and great service.

As we are UK residents, it is not always possible for us to address issues when they arise, as usually they need to be dealt with as soon as possible, so Surfside are able to sort out any issues and have great local knowledge and experience to deal with such.

Occupancy has increased year on year, hoping that this year continues the trend!

Thank you Steve and team!

Melissa F. | Tristan Towers 12D

I absolutely love Pensacola! I sold my condo in Navarre and bought one at Tristan Towers. Before deciding on a rental management company, I diligently researched the local companies. I knew from past experiences that I wanted to stay away from mega companies that mange hundreds of rentals. They just cannot deliver the personal care and attention to detail that a smaller company can offer. So when I came upon Surfside Properties and had a good conversation with Steve, the decision was easy ! I feel like he and his staff take very good care of my property. They make my life easy and I highly recommend them !!!

Dan F. | Boardwalk C11

Steve came highly recommended to us by our next door condo neighbor and he completed exceeded our expectations. Steve and his team are not only outstanding property managers, but are “over the top” when it comes to customer service. No matter what comes up, Steve and his team are on top of it responding within minutes. It’s truly a pleasure working with the professionals at Surfside.

Gary & Diane N. | San DeLuna 15

As an owner at SanDeLuna, we decided against doing the work of renting out the unit ourselves. We switched from another agency to Surfside, and have been very pleased with them. The way they communicate with us, attention to detail, and a great cleaning staff are among the characteristics that we appreciate in our dealings with Surfside. We highly recommend using Surfside Properties if you own a unit(s) and wish to have the property managed.

Brandon & Holly C. | Palm Beach Club 108

We started working with Steve almost immediately after purchasing our condo in late 2016. We were a bit nervous since it was our first investment property and we'd heard so many stories about what could go wrong. Steve has made sure none of those fears have been realized. He's gone above and beyond since day one to put our minds at ease and to take care of not only our property as he would his own, but our guests too. His communication and attention to detail are superb and I really can't imagine anything else we'd want or need in a property manager.

Wayne & Nancy R. | Baywatch D9

We are the owner of unit D-9 and about a year ago we decided to move back to Texas. We met with Steve to discuss his services and decided to leave our property (aka baby) in Steve’s hands. About (3) months after we had made this move we receive a call from Steve…. He’s very professional but concerned. “Your AC unit is not working and we have a guest occupying the unit.” “It’s 95 degrees and they are not happy”. Mind you, we are 300 miles away and Steve is dealing with this situation. “We have 2 options 1) attempt to repair 2) full replacement.” “I have the repair man on his way and I’ll let you know what he has to say. A few minutes later Steve calls to tell us “the condo is being cooled by the breeze only and the repair man tells me that we can either patch it or replace it.” Again, we’re enjoying ourselves in Houston with our grandchildren and Steve is in a hot spot dealing with our problem. So opt to do the full replacement. 2 days later the entire unit is replaced, everything goes well and our next guest checks in to a nice cool condo and is none the wiser. Steve managed the entire situation, made the necessary arrangements to get the work done, get it paid for and simply took the cost from our earnings. We could not have been more pleased with how it was handled. He truly acted as in our best interest and “took care of it”. This is just one, kind of large, example of how Steve takes his business seriously and treats every situation as if it were his own property. Thank you Steve for all you do for us.

Stephanie B. | San DeLuna 29

“We wish we would have done it sooner”. This seems to be the consensus among our neighbors who have switched from other rental agencies to Steve and Surfside Properties. We were always a low priority with previous managers unless there was a big problem. We have never felt like that with Surfside. Steve is active and involved in managing little things before they become big things. He responds quickly to questions from both owners and renters. He is friendly and welcoming to our guests and gives that extra care that will keep them coming back. We are thrilled to be a part of the Surfside family.

Dean-o F. | Baywatch G9

Steve's service is fabulous. He is responsive, timely and he always goes the extra mile for both the tenant and the owner. He is also a details person, so no matter how small an issue is or big a challenge we may have, he pitches in to help. His follow up on all questions or tasks has been superb. When you call - he answers or gets right back to you. Always providing that personalized touch. A few examples..... when hurricanes are projected for the Pensacola Beach area, he has on his own, moved outdoor furniture in and when I had electrical questions he immediately had his electrician call me and provide sage advice for me to correct a problem. A straight up guy with us at all times, to include being very attentive to the customer needs ensuring future re-visitations.

Dave D. | Baywatch C5

Steve is a very hands on property manager. He lives right next to my condo complex and the cleaning company lives right in my complex.

Steve and his group at Surfside Properties do a great job of property management!

Britt R. & Laurie W. | Baywatch A4

Steve Picker has been managing our condo since early 2016. He has done a fabulous job. My wife and I have other rental properties in New Orleans that are also managed by a property manager. There is no comparison between the two. Steve is so much better than the other manager that it makes me wonder why I even pay the other company to do what they do. I should point out that we live about 6 hours away from our condo, but because of Steve, we don’t need to worry about our condo being maintained and rented. Steve meets every tenant at the door when they arrive to make sure that they are really who they claim to be, to make sure they are age appropriate, to review the ground rules, etc. I believe that the tenants feel a stronger sense of obligation to take good care of the property because they know that Steve is nearby and that he will be following up with them. Steve is always available. He always answers the phone and he responds to my emails almost immediately, no matter what time of day or night. I swear I think he sits in front of his computer almost all of the time waiting on someone to email him. That’s how quick he is.

Steve also does things that not many managers would consider doing. He has picked items up from renters and held them for me until I could come into town, he has met repairmen to replace a broken window or to fix an air conditioner, and he has met my nephew to give him parking permits even though he was not making a commission for my nephew’s stay. Steve does whatever needs to be done, no matter what is involved and no matter what the inconvenience is to him. He also has a handyman that has replaced a bathroom vent fan or repaired a leaking faucet, all done for a very fair and reasonable price. He also replaces light bulbs as needed or anything else that may need to be done to keep the place in good shape. Another example, we have an air conditioner that requires an oddball size air filter. We can not buy these air filters at Lowe’s or Home Depot. So Steve special orders the air filters from one of his sources and charges our account for the cost. The point is, we don’t need to worry about finding the air filters. He makes sure they are in stock and changed out on a regular basis.

Steve is truly like a member of our household. We consider him more of a friend than a business partner. Obviously, the more money we make, the more money Steve makes. And we like it like that. We want Steve to make lots of money. Cause that means we are making lots of money. I am sure there are numerous things that I have forgotten or failed to mention. And I am sure there are dozens of other adjectives to describe how great Steve is. But I think I have made my point. If you are considering turning your condo over to someone to help you book guests, you can not possibly go wrong by letting Steve handle everything for you. You will not regret it. I promise.

Kim D. | Sand Dollar 107

As someone who absolutely loves Pensacola Beach, I’ve always dreamed of owning a condo there. I found a cute little condo and was set on making it a great beach rental property. My only concern was how I would be able to ensure a great renter experience and also that my little piece of paradise was well taken care of since I live so far away. I came across the Surfside Properties website and I knew I would need them in order to make this work. I called Steve and didn’t even buy the condo until I was sure he would manage it for us. I have been so pleased. Steve and his team are professional, friendly, and really understand the important details of vacation rentals. When I asked Steve about improvements to make our one bedroom condo desirable as a rental, he made several suggestions, including a comfortable king size bed, and pull-out sofa to have extra sleeping space. Of course, I made sure to get those. I had seen the reviews, and I wanted to make sure my condo would live up to the reputation of Surfside Properties. It’s nice to know that the renters are getting the personal touch that Surfside promises on their website. Thanks to Surfside, I have no worries at all.

Jeff S. | Palm Beach Club 107

Our experience with Surfside Properties has been awesome. We never considered managing our condo by ourselves, as we knew that a property management service would not only save us time but would also allow us to focus on other areas of our life. Surfside Properties has far surpassed our expectations. Steve and his team have done an outstanding job in keeping our tenants happy – and us, too! Whatever need arises, Steve finds a way to make it happen. We could not be happier!!

Missy G | Baywatch A1/A2

Steve Picker and Surfside Properties have been wonderful to work with. They are always on top of their job and keep us updated frequently. We highly recommend Steve and his team and know you will be pleased with their services!

Dale & Julie D. | Baywatch E5

Surfside Properties has been managing our property since purchased in 2015. With our main residence being 750 miles away, choosing the correct management company was essential for our investment and peace of mind. Steve and Team have provided exactly that for us. Peace of mind. Our Baywatch condo is not merely a source of rental income, it is our home. Knowing that Steve is providing our renters the same attention to details that we would is comforting. His professionalism, work ethic, likable personality, and genuine love for the beach are just a few of the reasons Surfside Properties is the best management company on the beach.

Mark & Sonja B. | Baywatch D8

We started with Steve and Surfside Properties four years ago when we first bought our Condo at Baywatch. As local owners (We live 40 minutes from Pensacola Beach) it has been great working with Steve. The balance has been great between coordinating our time at the beach and getting a booking to bring in money to help with expenses. Steve communicates with us on any issue and always gives us the option to take care of it ourselves or he will take care of it for us immediately. He is always so personal and easy to talk to. Our tenants, as well as ourselves, have only had positive experiences with Steve and Surfside Properties. We highly recommend Surfside Properties!

Laurie G. | Baywatch A-9

“It was a great day when I listed my 2 Baywatch Condos with Steve Picker!!! We have owned G-9 and A-9 for 11 years. After a bad experience with another management company, I decide to manage the properties myself. This was very frustrating, time consuming and became more of a problem with my 5 children doing travel sports. Since signing on with Surfside, Steve has taken all the hassle out of owning rental property. We have had great success with long term and weekly rentals. Steve stays up to date on local rental rates and adjusts accordingly so that we are competitive. He is professional, personable and keeps me well informed. Our interactions are always pleasant and he is extremely prompt on any communication, emails etc. I use the linen service so that I never have to worry about replacing old or stained linens. The units are kept clean and my guests love Steve’s personal touches including warm cookies when they depart! When an appliance stops working or other problems occur, Steve informs me and takes care of it! I highly recommend Steve and Surfside Properties for management and for rentals. He is the Best on the Beach!!!!”

Margie G. | Starboard Village

“We have owned our condo for 9 years. We moved our management to Surfside over two years ago, and only wish we had done it sooner. As out-of-state owners who are very hands-on renters, we struggled to find a company that would care for our property as its own. Our main issue with other firms was the cleaning. Steve has provided consistent and excellent cleaning services year-round. In addition, he has helped increase our rental income considerably, has provided excellent accounting (no end-of-year errors or surprises), is trustworthy and dependable, is very responsive to any problems or issues that we or guests may have, and is pro-active– he makes recommendations for improvements for all of his owners. The home baked cookies he provides the guests are just the topping on the cake! I can’t say enough good things about Steve and Surfside Properties He really does make the owner’s life so much easier and he has exceeded our expectations. Feel free to contact me personally for any additional information.”

Patrick M. | Gulf Winds 203

“Even though we have worked with Steve for less than a year, we highly recommend him as your next property manager! Steve has been very helpful getting our property set up for renting. His customer service and professionalism are truly the best on the beach! We appreciate his dedication to filling our condo with excellent guests and treating our property as if it was his own. We’re looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with Surfside Properties!”

Christine D. | Baywatch E-6

“As an out of towner I know that my property is being taken care of in a timely professional manner. Steve is always there to greet the tenants and is available anytime if they need anything. If something needs to be fixed Steve always has a recommendation and will be there to meet the service technicians if I am not available. The fee that Steve asks to manage my property is worth it for the peace of mind he gives in return. I am glad that I found Steve.”

Mike,Teresa Brandon and Lee | Baywatch F-5

“We have been utilizing Surfside Properties for 2 years and are thrilled with the services that Steve Picker’s Company has provided to us. Steve has been a lifesaver for us in so many ways, with us living so far away from the property. It is such a relief to know that our property is being managed and cared for when we are not there he treats our property like it is his own. When we have any issues with our unit, all we have to do is call Steve and the issues are resolved in a timely manner. He is very dedicated to his Clients and we can reach him at anytime we need him.”

Thank you Steve for all that you do.

Karen C. | Baywatch A-8

“We couldn’t ask for a better management company for our Pensacola Beach condo. Steve at Surfside Properties makes owning a vacation condo so easy. We live in Chicago, and knowing Steve is there to take of things keeps us worry-free. He gives us and our renters the personal touch. Not only does he take care of all the typical rental management tasks, but he makes sure all of the little details are taken care of too. What we love most is that he meets our renters in person when they check in. This makes the vacationers feel cared for and protects our property.”

Liz C. | San de Luna #16

“We have been working with Steve at Surfside properties for almost a year now, and I can say I wish I had contracted with him years before. I had tried renting the unit out myself but, even with a great website, was unable to book the unit consistently. Also, having to deal with cleaning, repairs and maintenance, and checking to make sure nothing was damaged after a booking was extremely difficult from New Orleans where we live. With Surfside, I know that my unit and my guests will be well taken care of. Steve lets me know immediately if there is a needed repair or problem. He often can handle it himself at minimal cost. My guests always comment on how clean the unit is and how nice the cookie delivery is! If there is ever a problem, they comment on how quickly Steve took care of it. I can’t recommend Steve and Surfside Properties more highly!”

Herb M. | Baywatch E-7

“Surfside Property! “Life’s a beach” – when you have Surfside Properties working for you!

Surfside Property has proven to be, far and away, the very best company in the field of property management. Caring, courteous and professional, Surfside provides outstanding service and attention to detail. As a long time Gulf Coast property owner, I highly recommend the Surfside team – that’s if you like smooth sailing!”

Karlene C. | Baywatch G-6

To: Property Owners

“I am the owner of Baywatch Condo unit # G-6, located on Pensacola Beach, Fl. I’ve tried in the past, to rent the unit myself, with little or no success. I’ve had companies in the past, who really didn’t care if the unit got rented, if it got “trashed”, or even if it got cleaned. Seems like all I did was complain, with good reason. Believe me, I’ve fired a lot of them. I have been very discouraged, to the point of thinking I’d just sell it.

Then I was given a big blessing in the form of Steve Picker, owner of Surfside Property Management. Steve has become my friend over the past few years. He has earned my respect through his professional & personal business management. He truly “works for his clients” & takes great pride in what he does.. Steve is honest & 1 to his word. He does not play games. If there’s a problem, large or small, he puts forth such an effort, that I feel like he’s “treating my property like it’s his”. What an incredible compliment for me to be able to give Steve. He is always available & has set-up a very nice website, with beautiful pictures of his rentals.

Steve really enjoys his work and it shows because he’s excellent at it!!!! I would recommend any owners who need to live “without headaches” to give Steve a call. You need him. Pensacola Beach needs him. He will rent your unit. If I can answer any questions please feel free to call me. Steve can provide you with my number.”

Al and Connie C. | Villas on the Gulf, Unit L-4

“We started with Surfside Properties in April, 2010. As time has gone by, we have become more and more satisfied with them.

2010 was the year of the BP oil spill. Not many people vacationed on Pensacola Beach that year. We had several cancellations. Surfside stepped in and assisted us in filing a claim for our loss of rentals, for which we did receive monies back.

2012 was our third summer with them, and our condo was rented most of the summer.

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